Little One feed for degus 15 kg

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Product description

Little One feed for degus

Degus are prone to diabetes, so the composition of the feed is chosen in such a way that it low in fat content and easily digestible carbohydrates. 

The feed does not contain sweet ingredients and is maximally balanced with nutrition specifically for these animals with a delicate digestive system. 

The deliciously tasty Little One feed for degus represents a special feeding approach, designed to nourish small mammals according to their evolutionary adaptation to a diet rich and diverse in herbs, vegetables and many other ingredients.


Every pack of nutrient-dense Little One feed for degus contains:

  • 28 different biologically appropriate ingredients to mirror the degus' natural diet.    
  • 30% of the feed are aromatic and freshly grown meadow grasses and herbs to create a ration richly varied in fiber and to mirror the natural diet. 
  • 16.5% of high-quality fiber for optimal health and digestion. 
  • 15.2% of richly nourishing protein to ensure the proper functioning of the body.  
  • 11.3% of various vegetables to make the feed deliciously tasty for even the fussiest pets. 
  • 0% of sweet ingredients to prevent diabetes. 
  • 20 elements of vitamin and mineral complex presented in the most digestible form. The complex is a great source of virtually every nutrient a degu needs. 
  • FOS as natural prebiotics will provide a comfortable digestion. 
  • Yucca extract will help prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odours. 



  • grass pellets
  • oat flakes
  • barley flakes
  • pea flakes
  • alfalfa structure
  • maize flakes
  • dried parsnip
  • dried zucchini
  • maize red
  • multigrain pellets
  • fructooligosaccharides
  • yucca extract


Analytical constituents

  • protein – 15,2%
  • fat – 3,6%
  • fibre – 16,5
  • ash – 6,1%
  • calcium – 0,8%
  • phosphorus – 0,5% 



  • vitamin A – 15924 IU
  • vitamin D3 – 1979 IU
  • vitamin Е – 124 IU
  •  biotin – 185 mcg
  • cupric sulphate (II) – 2,4 mg
  • zinc sulphate – 24 mg
  • potassium iodide – 2,3 mg


Feeding instructions

  • The daily norm of Little One feed for degus is 20-25 g.
  • Make sure the your pet has fresh water and hay.
Unit weight:15.000 kg
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